x86 shellcodes

ep.cdumps shellcode from main()inane
ie-pb.ciscntrl() evading portbinding shellcode(92 bytes)bighawk
setreuid.csetreuid(0, 0) execve /bin/sh(31 bytes)bighawk
execve-binsh2.cexecve of /bin/sh(22 bytes)bighawk
portbinding.cportbinding shellcode(88 bytes)bighawk
rwrite-sc.cplaces backdoor in /etc/inetd.conf (109 bytes)killah
connect-back.cconnect back shellcode(77 bytes)bighawk
bind.cbind a shell on a portunknown
chroot.cto break out of chroot enviromentunknown
chroot1.cto break out of chroot enviromentpredator
connect.cconnecting shellcodelamagra
execve-binsh.cexecve() of /bin/shmarcetam
execve-binsh1.cexecve() of /bin/shraise
execve-setreuid.cexecve of /bin/sh after setreuid(0, 0)raptor
rts.creverse telnet shellcodehts
sh_tmp.ccreate suid shell in /tmpraise
write.cwriting shellcode (write to a file/stdout)lamagra
xterm.cexecve() xterm -ut -display ip:0raise
0xff-less-execve.c0xff-less execve() /bin/shanathema
chroot_break.cto break out of chroot enviromentanathema
drop-shell.cused for dropping a rootshell in /tmpanathema
execve_binsh.cexecve() of /bin/shanathema
execve_binsh1.cexecve() of /bin/shanathema
portshell.cbind a shell on a portanathema
pwd_mod.cappend account to /etc/passwdanathema
scc.csetresuid(0, 0, 0), chown & chmodanathema
setregid_execve.cex of setregid(), execve() /bin/sh ...anathema
tolower_evasion.ctolower() evasion, execve() /bin/shanathema
toupper_evasion.ctoupper() evasion, execve() /bin/shanathema
write-1.cwriting shellcode (write to a file/stdout)anathema