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Dancing Demon

Written in 1979 by Leo Christopherson for the Radio Shack Model I computer this is possibly the best game ever for it time.

Dancin Demon used Machine Language in BASIC DATA statements a trick which Leo Christopherson pioneered on TRS-80 Model I with Android Nim and Dancing Demon and later Klendathu. When such programs are run, the program modifies itself and a save becomes impossible, but the original version off the original tape or disk can be saved in ASCII or even LLISTed without problem.

Video of the "Dancing Demon, requires flash

Manual For Dancing Demon Very Large PDF 20MBytes

Download the TRS-80 Model I program
I have never managed to get any of the Model I Emulators to run to see if any of these version of the program work. If anyone get's this running , please E-mail me and let me know how you did it, and a copy of the ROM's , Thanks.

Radio Shack Model I