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From: mcquill@next.duq.edu (Tod McQuillin)
Newsgroups: comp.os.386bsd.apps,comp.os.linux.misc
Subject: Re: DOOM for X
Followup-To: comp.os.386bsd.apps,comp.os.linux.misc
Date: 10 Mar 1994 05:01:05 GMT
Organization: Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
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References: <1994Mar3.131137.27311@infodev.cam.ac.uk> <CM44Lq.78x@seagoon.newcastle.edu.au> <2lkpg5$8hn@Tut.MsState.Edu> <hastyCMEw58.FMr@netcom.com>
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Amancio Hasty Jr (hasty@netcom.com) wrote:
: In article <2lkpg5$8hn@Tut.MsState.Edu> simmons@EE.MsState.Edu writes:
: >In article <CM44Lq.78x@seagoon.newcastle.edu.au>,
: >
: >The X version should be just as fast as an svgalib version, because
: >David Taylor is using the shared memory extentions of X.  Hence,
: >no real need for an svga version.

: I really doubt that a direct access to a fast svga card on a local bus would
: compare in performance to the client-server model of X.

: If you ask me X is very, very broken in this respect. 

Amancio, what effect, if any, do you think the shared memory extentions of X
have on graphics performance?