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From: richter@nic.cerf.net (Adam J. Richter)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.bsd
Subject: Re: 4.4BSD-alpha CDROM
Keywords: cdrom
Message-ID: <2304@nic.cerf.net>
Date: 10 Jul 92 18:17:57 GMT
Article-I.D.: nic.2304
References: <2278@nic.cerf.net>
Organization: Yggdrasil Computing Infrastructure Corporation
Lines: 46

In article <2278@nic.cerf.net> richter@nic.cerf.net I wrote:
>	My company, Yggdrasil Computing Infrastructure Corp., will
>sell a 4.4-alpha CDROM and give CSRG 60% of the sales revenue from
>this CDROM until November 1st.  At $100 each, [...]

	I got 15 responses to this proposal, mostly of the form
"I might buy one."  Since I didn't ask everyone who might be
interested to send me email, the amount of mail that I got suggests
to me that there are a number of people who would find the CDROM useful,
but that there aren't hordes of folks who would buy.

	I think that Yggdrasil stands to lose a lot of money from the
CDROM offer as it stands, so I'm afraid I have to backpedal a bit.

	Yggdrasil will still donate 60% of gross sales for the CDROM
to CSRG, but the price of the 4.4-alpha tape will be deducted from
this donation.  (This moves the estimated break-even point from 72 discs
43 discs.)

	I should mention a few points to demonstrate that the
philanthropic aspect of this project have not been compromised
too much:

	     1. CSRG still starts getting money beyond the $1k for
		the tape long before Yggdrasil breaks even.

	     2. CSRG gets at least $1k for the tape, no matter what
		happens, although I'm obviously betting a lot of
		money that CSRG will get more than just the $1k.

	     3. In a sense, there will still be $60 of CSRG money paired
		to every CDROM purchased.

	     4. The CDROM production costs still come entirely from
		Yggdrasil's 40%.

	This change is necessary in order to make the project
possible.  Otherwise, it would be too likely to lose too much money.


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