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Path: sserve!manuel!munnari.oz.au!samsung!sdd.hp.com!decwrl!csus.edu!netcomsv!mork!hasty
From: hasty@netcom.com (Amancio Hasty Jr)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.bsd
Subject: Re: X11R5 for 386bsd part 1 of 3
Message-ID: <6-sl+7+.hasty@netcom.com>
Date: 25 Jun 92 00:29:57 GMT
References: <mese9nc@sgi.sgi.com>
Organization: Netcom - Online Communication Services  (408 241-9760 guest)
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In article <mese9nc@sgi.sgi.com> rpw3@rigden.wpd.sgi.com (Rob Warnock) writes:
>hasty@netcom.com (Amancio Hasty Jr) writes:
>| The port is not over much work to do, for instance sometimes xterm gets in 
>| a funny state like if it lost track of the parity and echoes garbage, if you 
>| play around with the window, you may get it to work right or the session
>| restarts! 
>I have seen something like this even on "commercial" ports. Are you
>sure it's not that the window saw a <control-key-down> and never saw
>a <control-key-up>? That will make plain characters come out "controlled"
>(i.e. "a" shows as "<cntl-A>".) In particular, typing "d" will log you
>out! Try moving the mouse into the window and typing the control key
>down and up, and then type a plain character (e.g., "a") and see if the
>problem is gone.
>I have seen this mostly occurring if a new xterm pops up right where
>the mouse happens to be...
>Rob Warnock, MS-9U/510		rpw3@sgi.com
>Silicon Graphics, Inc.		(415)390-1673
>2011 N. Shoreline Blvd.
>Mountain View, CA  94043
Thank you for the tip.
Here is list of my findings in using xterm:

  o when using tcsh and requesting output to the terminal like ls or cat
    xterm will exit. For now, I just moved over to sh and the problem has
    not surface, I know this is not a solution....
  o sometimes the caps key state remains on, I found out that by typing
    control-u, I get my lower case keys back!
  o if I launched an X application and type control-c from the window
    which lauched the application sometimes the control key state stays on
    as Bob pointed out just press the control key and you are back to
    normal state...